Floorboards Warranty & Conditions

HORIMBER warrants that the surface lacquer coating of all pre finished products will not wear off from the wood for Ten years from date of purchase, provided the timber is maintained correctly. We offer to replace any timber, which does not meet the standards of the timber industry. HORIMBER gives this warranty to the first purchaser of the product. This warranty is in addition to and in no way limits any warranty enjoyed by the first person in statute. The warranty covers the original purchaser and the original installation only and is not transferable.

HORIMBER guarantees from the date of purchase, that it’s installed product in the original manufactured condition, free from manufacturing defects such as, warping, twisting or cupping.

This warranty does not cover any compensation for inconvenience or labour costs incurred as a direct result of having to replace defective product.


The warranty will not apply and HORIMBER, or any of its distributors will not in any way be liable in the event of:

  • Changes to the initial installation.
  • Lack of routine protection and maintenance, according to the care and maintenance guidelines.
  • The use of steam cleaners; the use of heating mats.
  • Moisture rising through the sub floor or through walls.
  • Moisture being absorbed into the product from weather, water/liquid spillage or excess water being used to clean the product.
  • Indentations from stiletto heels, golf or spiked shoes and heavy furniture.
  • Damage caused by improper use, refinishing or repairs, exposure to moisture, heat, water or sunlight.
  • Surface damage caused as a direct result of the following, excessive traffic, vehicular traffic, abnormal or abusive use, normal wear and tear, poor maintenance, exposure of the product to sand, grit or gravel, outdoor applications, direct sunlight, exposure to high or low humidity levels.
  • Scratching, indentation or breakage from impact.
  • Spillage of corrosive or bleaching substances onto the flooring.
  • Damage caused by factors beyond our control (e.g. flooding, burn marks, cyclones, misuse etc.)
  • Damage caused by leaking or broken plumbing, household alterations or animals.
  • Other than domestic use
  • Hairline cracks on some Pre-finished floor boards.
  • Non-residential installation where extreme traffic conditions and use may lead to accelerated wear and tear.
  • Installation of the flooring in extreme or uncontrolled climatic conditions. If the floor is installed in a tropical environment or regions subject to extreme temperature and humidity variations, unless the dwelling is permanently “climate controlled”. The parameters should then read: average relative humidity between 25% and 55% and an average temperature between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Gapping of floorboards due to normal and abnormal changes in temperature and humidity
  • The defect less than five percent of the total purchase due to natural products;
  • Knots, gum veins, colour variations, texture variations between boards are considered normal and can not lead to claims for replacement.
  • The use of under floor heating.
  • Direct exposure to open fire, radiant heat panels and other heat sources (including air conditioning), that will dry out the timber floor excessively causing gapping, cracking or any other defect.
  • Colour variations due to uneven ageing of the floor due to uneven exposure to U.V. light (Under mats, Cupboards etc.).
  • Floorboards that have been laid which contain a defect visible at the time of installation;

 Installation Warranty: 

—-We offer 24 Months Installation warranty;

*Please feel free to contact our office to get more information.